Osprey Center photography bird-hide reservations start at 13. JANUARY 2018 09:00 am. Before reserving bird-hide read carefully instructions fot photographers.

Canceled photography bookings will be opened up in booking calendar for new bookings and will be shown with green colour. Booking calendar status will be updated through the season.

High Tower booking may be possible also in Pohtiolampi cafe in Osprey Center if there are available time at the moment. Reservations for Public Osprey Tower photography spots (6) is possible only in Pohtiolampi Cafe (not in the internet).

Notice that bookings may be done only for current year 2018. We do not take bookings for any years after 2018 at the time. Bookings for future years will be informed later yearly.

Inquiries about photography bookings by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Osprey Foundation reserves the right to book in advance bird-hides for its own use.