Osprey webcam news

The Finnish Osprey Foundation has got a new Osprey Webcam in Paltamo, Kainuu region in the middle of Finland. The working group of Osprey Foundation (Vesa Hyyryläinen and Heljä Pylvänäinen) set the camera up last April.

Since 26 April 2016 there´s been a breeding couple. We call the female Osprey Miila and the male Penna. Names are based on the local history of Paltamo community.

Female Osprey Miila´s got a ring on her right leg and consequently, we know it´s ringed as a nestling in 2002 at the seashore of southern Finland about 500 km south of her breeding area.

The female Osprey Miila laid the first egg very early in the morning on 6 May, second egg on 9 May and third on 12 May. We´re waiting for the first nestling will hatch out about 10-13 June.